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Purpose: The purpose of the Tulsa Tech Education Foundation (TTEF) is to provide funds needed by students to pursue specific career and technical training programs at TTC. 


TTEF has a limited number of financial aid grants which are awarded based on merit, need and availability of funds.  Awards are made at the discretion of TTEF. The TTEF does not make loans to students. The TTEF does not discriminate because of race, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap. Grants are awarded to current TTC students only.


Categories for Financial Aid: Awards are for an unmet need for necessary school expenses, defined as Tuition, Books, Uniforms, Test Fees, Equipment, Supplies and tools.  Awards will typically not exceed $250 per student per year.  Awards greater than $250 may be available for selected programs.  See your Counselor to verify if you qualify for additional funds.


Payment Disbursement: Award checks will be sent to the school or vendor directly. Checks will be valid for 60 days.


Deadline: Electronic copies of Grant applications shall be submitted monthly no later than the 5th day of each month (or the Monday following the 5th if it falls on a weekend) except for the months of May, June, July and August when applications will not considered.  Applications will be reviewed, and applicants notified no later than the 20th of each month (or the Monday following the 20th if it falls on a weekend).  



To be considered for a TTEF Grant you must:


  1. Complete the grant application in full. [emailed applications are preferred]

  2. Include a letter of recommendation from a Counselor or Instructor.

  3. Include a one-page essay describing your career goals and why this scholarship is important to you.

  4. Include grades and attendance report from the Registrar. [at least 4 weeks of attendance required]

  5. Explain your need clearly and submit documentation of costs. [invoice; tuition due; instructor’s handout with fees; page from catalog; etc.]

  6. Indicate if you are receiving or will receive other financial aid on the application.

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