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About Tulsa Tech Education Foundation
Established in 1983 we are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization working to support Tulsa Technology Center (Tulsa Tech) students with financial assistance. We provide financial needs that could not be funded with public tax dollars. We believe in student success, believing success is through education and hardwork.

We, the Board of Trustees, are all volunteers from the community. We are business & industry partners, alumni and former Tulsa Tech instructors and employees.

We believe in helping students with financial assistance: program tuition for course completion, program books, and uniforms, the program approved specialized tools, CTSO competition expenses, emergency expenses from the Counselor’s Fund, and Foundation of Excellence Scholarships through interviews.

Because We Are Family!
Tulsa Tech Education Foundation (TTEF) volunteers are strong believers that education is a key for student success. They parallel the belief in the mission of Tulsa Tech, educating people for success in the workplace. Granting funds to Tulsa Tech students allows TTEF to contribute to the success. These same volunteers also organize and host public fundraising events throughout the year that allows us to provide even more financial assistance to Tulsa Tech students. Financial resources are also raised through industry partnerships for specific programs and through corporate sponsorships.
In the 2021 to 2022 school year, TTEF provided over $67,000 in grants to 277 Tulsa Tech students. A slight increase from the 2020 to 2021 school year in which more than $60,000 in grants was provided to 271 students. The Foundation of ExcellenceScholarship was established in 2017 to recognize performance and is awarded based on merit and interview. In the Spring of 2021, we awarded $9,500 to students followed by $11,000 in the Spring of 2022. Foundation of Excellence Scholarships were awarded to students in specific programs as established by industry partnerships.

TTEF Board of Trustees is a diverse membership and we are actively seeking new members that correspond with the Tulsa Tech Program Clusters. There are thirteen clusters: 

• Architecture & Construction

• Arts, A/V Technology & Communication

• Business Management & Administration

• Finance

• Health science

• Hospitality services & Tourism

• Information Technology

• Law, Public safety, Corrections & Mathematics

• Manufacturing Technology

• Marketing, Sale, and Service

• Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

• Transportation, Distribution & Logistics